Just Out! My new book, The Probability Handbook, published by ASQ Press, is now available!

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From the back cover:

Probability is tough – even those fairly well versed in statistical analysis balk at the prospect of tackling it. Many probability concepts seem counter-intuitive at first, and successful students must in effect train themselves to think in a totally new way. Mastery of probability takes a lot of time, and only comes from solving many, many problems.

The aim of this text and its companion, The Probability Workbook, is to present the subject of probability as a tutor would. Probability concepts are explained in everyday language and worked examples are presented in abundance. In addition to paper-and-pencil solutions, solution strategies using Microsoft Excel functions are given. All mathematical symbols are explained, and the mathematical rigor is kept on an algebra level; calculus is avoided.

This book is written for quality practitioners who are currently performing statistical and probability analyses in their workplaces, and for those seeking to learn probability concepts for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, or Master Black Belt exams.

In the last year, University Training Partners has ventured into the publishing arena. We have published a book on pricing science and analysis geared toward executive audiences, Stop Racing in a Blindfold: Big Data + Pricing Science Drive Bigger Profits, written by Jim Vaughn.

Here is what executives are saying about Jim's book:
"Imagine applying the most powerful market segmentation strategy to every pricing transaction - the result is stealth execution that maximizes profitability. Jim Vaughn's Stop Racing in a Blindfold! is a must-read for business executives!"
Randy R. Brown, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Dayton Superior Corporation

"With Stop Racing in a Blindfold!, Jim Vaughn has bridged the longstanding gap between pricing theory and the practical application of pricing science with straightforward explanations and examples. This book will be recommended reading for all of our P&L owners and required reading for our pricing team."
Bob Vezeau, Vice President, Strategic Pricing, Corrugated Packaging Solutions, WestRock

Upcoming: We are currently working on a Lean Six Sigma Leadership text that will serve as a companion to the Black Belt program we are offering, due out May 2016!

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